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Use Cases

Electronic Auctions 👨‍⚖️

Electronic auctions are becoming more common on the internet, however, most of them are centralized meaning  they are exposed to manipulation or corruption. An electronic auction system based on DecentralChain can help prevent this and increase the security, efficiency and trustworthiness of your auctions.

Create your own decentralized network

DecentralChain allows the creation of personalized Blockchains, so developers and businesses can create robust and secure decentralized platforms for their companies or start-ups.

Asset Management

The potential of the registry being hacked is one of the most serious challenges to secure asset management. As many registers are still kept on paper, this can be accomplished by data manipulation or physical loss of records.
Businesses and governments can use DecentralChain to digitize documents, store data securely, increase trust, and reduce corruption.

Identity Management

Businesses and governments can use DecentralChain to handle identity authentication and reconciliation. Businesses may develop encrypted digital IDs while also providing more extensive security features that save time and money for clients and organizations.

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