How to get started with DecentralChain

Before starting to use cryptocurrencies it is important that you first learn the basic steps to use cryptocurrencies, remember that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies require economic responsibility so before making your first transaction it is vitally important to make a backup of your secret phrase, which consists in a series of 15 words that you must write down in a safe place where you do not lose them since they are the backup of your funds.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies you can start by reading our basic documentation to understand the origin of money and understand why crypto was created? If you already have experience with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies you can learn how to create your wallet and be part of the DecentralChain decentralized network by downloading the following manuals:

DecentralChain Wallet

Decentral.Exchange is the first web wallet of the DecentralChain ecosystem, learn how to create your account:

Create your own token

Create your own digital asset using a simple and intuitive way, without the need for programming knowledge.


Forget about complicated wallet addresses, full of numbers and letters that seem to make no sense:

Guías descargables en Español

Descarga estas guías para aprender sobre el uso básico de DecentralChain, desde como crear un wallet hasta como crear tu propio token:

Still need help?

If you need more help than the help provided above please take a look at our courses where you can learn from basics to the more advanced features of DecentralChain

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