Get started with the most common DecentralChain apps

DecentralChain is a blockchain protocol that has the features of being scalable, easy to use, and eco-friendly, it allows the the creation of tokens in a process so easy that you need no expertise with programming or tech skills.


It allows you to create assets and tokenize in seconds, safe and easy. You can also buy and sell tokens quickly and securely with all advantages of a centralised exchange, but retaining complete control of your funds.

Important Links:

Website: https://decentral.exchange

Tutorials: https://decentralchain.io/education


Every Blockchain needs a way to verify transactions, DecentralScan provides detailed information on DecentralChain’s status, nodes online, transactions. Here you can check for your address information and your payments verification.


Important Links:

Website: https://decentralscan.com

Tutorials: https://decentralchain.io/education

Cubensis Connect

Cubensis provides a secure way to work with dapps from the DecentralChain ecosystem, provides secure access to your wallet data such as address and public key, and all requests must always ask for your approval. 

Cubensis is currently on a beta phase, and will soon be available for download.

Are you a Wizard?

Ah, young wizard! Let us delve into the mysteries of DecentralChain, where the power of smart contracts and decentralized apps doth reside. With my guidance, thou shalt master the art of creating thine own Dapp, from simple beginnings to complex interactions with our available libraries. A wondrous journey awaits thee!

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