Besides the fact that LPOS consensus is already proven to consume less energy than Bitcoin or Ethereum’s POW protocol we decided to take it one step further, not only there are no mining machines in the process, most of our nodes are running on servers that make use of alternative energy, meaning that our transactions are being processed by Econodes reducing the carbon footprint being left by other chains.

One of the main requirements at the time of the installation of the first founding nodes was to make use of ecological servers which use renewable energies for their operation, this was achieved through our alliance with Ecocastor, a sustainable hosting provider.

The Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation tracks and accelerates the transition to a fossil-free internet. We are in the process of making our internet practice and organization with their tools and resources. And together, we can advocate for a more sustainable and just internet.

You can currently check any of the DCC nodes listed at decentralscan.com and verify if they are categorized green by TGWF here: thegreenwebfoundation.org

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