World's first econodes Blockchain

DecentralChain is an ecological protocol that allows the creation of dApps, Smart Contracts, DeFi and more, designed to bring efficiency and security to your business or development needs.

Eco-friendly founder nodes

Our founding nodes make use of servers that work with renewable energies that are also found in various parts around the world.

A single web server on average produces more than half a ton of CO2 annually.

DecentralChain nodes require energy 24 hours a day, therefore, having these econodes is one of the points of greatest impact to achieve our mission of achieving a sustainable Web 3.0.

In addition, we contribute to the environment through other projects to contribute in case new non-ecological nodes join the network.

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Econodes online

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Getting started is easy

DecentralChain offers a variety of tools available for everyone, from developers to everyday users and even businesses can find how to integrate blockchain in their current business model.


Easy Developing

DecentralChain enables you to develop your own Dapps, write a custom smart contract or integrate your service with another back-end.


Get started with DCC

Check our education section where you can go from zero blockchain knowledge to create your first crypto wallet all with our step by step material


Blockchain Use Cases

It’s important to have records for any kind of property, in cases like real estate it is imperative to be easily able to prove your claim of property. 

Utility token

Use DCC to create tokens or NFTs

Pay your fees with DCC

DecentralCoin is used to pay all kinds of fees on the network

Eco Staking

Stake your DecentralCoin to an “eco node” on the network and earn rewards


Decentralchain's native currency

DecentralCoin is the currency used throughout the DecentralChain ecosystem, used for staking, fee paying, smart contracts minting and everything DecentralChain related.

Multiple business use cases


Blockchain and Defi made easy

DecentralChain technology is used in any use case that needs security and decentralization, such as: open finance, personal identification, gaming, sensitive data and many others.


News and advances on the development of DecentralChain and the progress of the project.

March 29, 2022Uncategorized

¿Porqué DecentralChain?

DecentralChain es un protocolo de cadena de bloques abierto y un conjunto de herramientas de

March 23, 2022Uncategorized

Basicos de DecentralChain: Un blockchain generación 3.0

Blockchain es un libro mayor distribuido que garantiza la inmutabilidad y transparencia de los datos.

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March 15, 2022Educación

El futuro de los tokens y activos digitales. DecentralChain lidera el camino.

Los tokens de capital son el próximo hito importante para las criptomonedas. DecentralChain es técnicamente

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March 7, 2022Educación

¿Qué es la prueba de participación?

DecentralChain consiste de un consensus de prueba de participación alquilada En un sistema de prueba

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